Currently available:
1 Bengal Kitten, a litter of Savannah
kittens and a litter of Bengal kittens.

Good Homes Needed !!

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About us:
Tiffany Cheetohs Cattery is no longer located in our home in Pierce County, Washington.  Our breeding
cats have been placed with other breeders and the remaining kittens are available through them.  You
may contact us to obtain information about availability.  As in the past, we will continue to support other
breeders through our website.  Over the past five years or so, we have raised a few litters each year of
Cheetohs and Savannahs, and we added Bengals this past fall.  We love these breeds, as do the many
happy families who have taken them into their homes. Working through other breeders we will continue to
have a hand in breeding and placing these wonderful cats and kittens in caring homes.  

Cheetohs and Savannahs have personalities unmatched in other cats and have been described as "a
dog in a cat's body!"  They are loving and fun, funny and playful, and simply wonderful pets.  We adore
each and every one of them.  They live in our home with us and have the run of the house.  They are
sometimes separated to assure good health, sanitation and safety.  Cheetoh and Savannahs are mainly
an indoor pets.  As hybrids, they need special care and security.  They don't recommend that they be
given the run of the neighborhood – as gorgeous as they are, they would likely be scooped up by admiring
strangers, never to be seen again!  They do like to go for walks on a leash, so can get out for fresh air and
exercise – although they seem to exercise plenty indoors!!!

We want others to experience the joy that we have had living with these wonderful breeds, so we make
these beautiful cats available for a reasonable price.  We are careful to find good homes for them, as
each one has special meaning to us.  We like to keep track of them after placement in homes, so that we
can stay connected, monitor growth, health issues, and weight.   

Becoming an owner is big and "forever" commitment!  These cats need attention, love and affection on a
regular basis – and they will return the favor!  

    We ship air cargo with Continental/United Airlines and with Alaska Airlines.  Both airlines specialize in the safe and
    prompt shipping of animals.  Information about Continental's Pet Flight can be found at:  
    http://www.continental.com/web/en-US/content/travel/animals/procedures.aspx   Alaska's Fur-st Class shipping
    information can be found at http://www.alaskaair.com/content/travel-info/policies/pets-traveling-with-pets/furst-class-

    We provide the shipping case (a regular pet carrying case) for the retail price (no mark up), and food for the trip.  
    We also obtain the necessary health clearance form and rabies shot as required for air travel.  We administer an
    immune booster to our cats a day before the trip to protect them from possibly becoming ill in route to their new

    Whenever possible, we will deliver personally to homes within our area (Northern California, Oregon and
    Washington) or meet somewhere in between.
United Feline Organzation
Tiffany Cheetohs Cattery is registered as "Tiffany" (# 2177) with the
United Feline Organization (UFO) following the approved standards
approved by UFO for the registered Cheetoh breed.
breeding standards for the breeding, bloodlines, health, and
well-being approved by TICA for the registered Cheetoh breed.
National  Award Winner
United Feline Organization

5th Best Breeder 2011-2012
October 6, 2012

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